Ways to smoke cannabis concentrates:

There are several ways to smoke cannabis extracts, allowing you to enjoy the concentrated cannabinoids and flavors they offer. Here are some popular methods for consuming cannabis extracts:


Dabbing is a common method used to vaporize and inhale cannabis extracts. It involves using a dab rig, which consists of a water pipe or bong with a specialized nail or banger attachment. The extract is placed on the heated nail or banger, instantly vaporizing it upon contact and producing inhalable vapor. Dabbing provides a potent and immediate effect.


Vaporizing cannabis extracts using a vaporizer pen or device is a popular and discreet method. There are vaporizers designed specifically for concentrates such as wax, shatter, and oil cartridges. These devices heat the extract to a temperature that vaporizes the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning the material, resulting in inhalable vapor. Vaping offers a smoother experience compared to smoking.

Joint or Blunt:

You can mix cannabis extracts into your joint or blunt to enhance the potency and flavor. To do this, spread the extract onto your rolling paper or mix it with ground cannabis before rolling. The heat from the burning cannabis will activate the extract and release its cannabinoids and terpenes. This method allows for a more traditional smoking experience.

Pipe or Bong:

Cannabis extracts can also be smoked using a traditional pipe or bong. Place a small amount of extract on top of a bed of dried herb in the bowl of your pipe or pack it into the bowl of a bong. When you light the herb and inhale through the pipe or bong, the heat will vaporize the extract, creating smoke that can be inhaled.

Hot Knives:

Hot knives is an old-school method of smoking cannabis extracts. Heat the tips of two metal knives until they are red hot, then press a small piece of the extract between the hot tips. The heat instantly vaporizes the extract, and you can inhale the resulting vapor through a tube or bottle. This method requires caution due to the potential for burns and should be done with care.

Remember to always use cannabis extracts responsibly and follow local laws and regulations regarding their use. Additionally, consider the potency of the extract and start with small doses to gauge your tolerance and desired effects.